Safety First

We exceed  industry standards when  it  comes  to  employee  and  property  protection.  We  use  state  of  the  art, less  invasive P.P.E.  

With  an  emphasis  on  safe  guarding  your  landscaping  while  

ditching  machinery  like  over  powered  pressure  washers that may damage your home  or  business.

 A   certified Diamond  Exterior  Expert   is always at the controls  of  your  project.  Supervising your wash to ensure the safety of your siding,  shingles,  furniture,  and  foliage. 

We treat every  home  or  business as if it were our own! 

The Diamond Difference!

Family  owned and operated. 

Soft wash your home or  business exterior  with our gentle, low pressure

(trisodium phosphate)  TSP  free

  exclusive  in  house  cleaning  solution.

 Increase the value of your property,  and extend the life of your  current  asphalt,  shake,  tile  or  slate roof to feel ten years younger as you and your neighbors experience!!

“The Diamond Difference” 

Our Promise

At  Diamond  Exterior  Soft  Wash  we  believe  that  if  we 

 put  safety  and  the  environment first,  the  rest  will  fall  into  place.

We  are  truly  a 100% satisfaction guaranteed business. 

At the end of each wash, opt in for the final inspection  with  a  certified  

Diamond Exterior Expert, as we walk through your service to make sure we have achieved absolute satisfaction.


Environmentally Conscious

Diamond Exterior Soft Wash is an 

Environmentally Conscious Company

We stay in routine contact with our company ecologist to ensure that we  can constantly improve paths to lesson our environmental foot print.

From going paperless as possible,  and  recycling our  cleaning  solutions to asking ourselves  the   

tough questions about how our products  and  services might  impact  our surroundings.